Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Jeffro's Top 10 RPG Blogs of All Time 2014

I made Jeffro's Top 10 RPG Blogs of 2014 list.

The Top Gaming Blogs of 2014

I'm in some interesting company, for sure - all blogs I read (most of them), or have read (The Tao of D&D) in the past. Most of them I read every post that comes up, and some of them (especially Delta's D&D) I've spent way too much time combing through back pages reading old stuff I'd missed before I started blogging myself.

What makes me grin is that I write my stuff on this blog, primarily, because I want to write these things down somewhere. A good part of it is me talking to my future self at games* I like putting this stuff out there in case others find it helpful or useful. It's a mix of stuff I just wanted to set down on paper, modules I wanted to stick up for, and musings and posts I want to keep track of** so I don't have to comb forums and emails and hand-written notes to find them.

(Interesting, my first post is a pretty good explanation of what my blog has been for the past 3+ years. I've stayed on target.)

But for all of that, it's gratifying. With luck what I turn out this year will be perceived as being as useful, informative, and interesting to Jeffro and his blog readers as it was this year.

So thanks to Jeffro, his readers, and all of mine as well. Now go comb through that list and see what is useful for you, and your game, on those other blogs. It'll be well worth the time.

Now all we need is a badge like my Newbie Blogger Award!

* I look stuff up on my blog during game. How much is a 4-point spellstone? It's a click away.

** Like this one.


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