Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Actual Play Year in Review

So how did I do with gaming this year, by the only measure that matters - actual fun gaming?


I ran 15 sessions of Felltower, which is not bad. Our goal is bimonthly, and play for around 8 hours at a clip. But we don't re-schedule if the day lands on a work day, Father's/Mother's Day, etc. or if I get sick. So 15 long sessions is fine.
We started on 1/5/14 and ran our last session of the year on 12/28/14. My campaign continues to amuse my players and my players continue to surprise me.


I played in seven sessions of Erik Tenkar's S&W B-Team game, starting with my third session overall. Work, illness, and protests in NYC (!) took out our end-of-year gaming plans, but all seven sessions were good, and T1m Shorts ro11ed 1ots of ones.

I played in three sessions of Douglas Cole's Alien Menace game, starting with the first session. Good stuff, mostly interrupted by Doug and his wife having a second child, which doesn't do much for increasing your time for game prep.

Non-Playing Stuff

I also did a lot of painting (probably close to 100 figures total), expanded my orc minis collection from "one full GW case" to "no where to put all of my orcs," wrote some articles that may see publication, got contracted for and wrote a GURPS DF book that's coming out in 2015 sometime, and taught someone how to play RPGs using GURPS Lite. I discussed some possible follow-on projects to write for GURPS, too, one solo and one with a co-author. I also got in a lot of blogging, picked up some cool gaming material, and got my first look at 5th edition D&D and liked it. I made a top 10 list. But gaming is about the game, and I got in some of that this year and I'm glad I did.

So that's GMing 15 sessions (not counting the teaching ones) and playing 10. Not bad for someone who works mornings, afternoons, nights, and weekends. If only my one free night was Monday - I'm jealous of Doug getting to be in Monteport. But it's okay, I'll find a way to sit down for some D&D at some point, and I'm hoping to play more GURPS in the next year.

For this upcoming new year: good gaming everyone.


  1. "no where to put all of my orcs"
    You can put 'em in the dirt pretty soon!

  2. If you were free on Mondays, you'd be welcome. Apparently the group's standards are low enough to let me join. T1M does ro11 more than h1s share of 1's.


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