Saturday, December 27, 2014

Orcs, Ready For Action

Six more orcs, ready for action in Felltower:

 photo OrcsFinished001s_zps36026e35.jpg

On the left are the first three Wargames Factory Orcs I made. The axeman has a GW shield and backpack (to conceal an oddity on his back, basically - the "reversible torso" looked odd painted.)

Next are my two Black Tree Designs orc shaman (also seen quite shiny here.)

On the far right is a "half orc" with two swords and brass knuckles. I'll have to dig around and see where he is from. He's a re-cast from a different original company, and he came in a mult-pack of figures, so I'll need to find the original catalog to check. If I still have it. He's been primed and sitting in a box waiting to be painted for over 10 years. Now he's done.

It was nice today so I could matte seal some minis - the day before yesterday, too. I think I can move 30 minis from "in progress" to "finished," counting those orcs. There are another 9 minis drying with gloss coating, and it remains to be seeing if they are done or need a matte coat on top. Not bad progress.


  1. These guys look really darned good -- excellent paint job!

    1. Thanks. I need to re-do the eyes on the morningstar guy, but otherwise they came out well.

      A better painting would red-dot black pupils for the orcs or something, but I try to keep the newer ones looking like the old ones I did - and I've been giving orcs bright red eyes since day one so . . .


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