Monday, December 8, 2014

Cold Day Painting

I had some extra time off today, thanks to getting a nasty cold. Concentrating on something helped, but it was hard to do anything really mentally productive. So I did some painting and let my hands just go. Here are the figures I worked on that I can show:

 photo RainyDayPainting_zps4aa9dff2.jpg

Those are:

- two Elizabethan swashbucklers from Wargames Foundry

- four skeleton archers and three spearmen (all Reaper Bones)

- a RE-11 Reptiliads-line Rogue War Turtle (RAFM)

- a 100 Kingdoms Wuxia Warrior on a flying base.

I also painted some other guys, but they aren't display-ready yet or I prefer to keep them under wraps until they debut in my game.

Why green for that swashbuckler? No idea. He was half-painted green when I pulled him out of my half-painted pile. So I just kept going.

I didn't pain my new WF orcs yet, because I need to prime them and I only have spray primer. Grey or black, grey or black, I can't decide yet. "Lucky" for me, I don't have to, because it'll be freezing and snowing or wet for a while yet.

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