Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Black Tree Design Orcs WIP: Part II

Here are the orcs from yesterday, next step closer to finished:

 photo Orcshamans003s_zpsd3e73c89.jpg

 photo OrcShamans004s_zps44d2028f.jpg

Left: Orc Shaman
Right: Orc Barbarian Shaman

Love that fish.

The shine off the minis is the glossy cote that Quickshade gives it. But it's a very good all-in-one sealer and dark wash, and it really filled in the many little crevices on these guys that called for a blackwash or brownwash to give them shading and depth.

All they need now is to sit another day or two just to make sure they're completely dry. Then I'll re-dot the eyes and put on a few tiny highlights. Then, finishing the base (color it black, possibly flock it.) After that, matte spray. The spray will need to wait for better weather - it's either been too cold, or too humid on the days that it is warm enough.

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