Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Good customer service from Black Tree Design

A couple days ago I showed the Black Tree Design orc shamans that I picked up.

I also picked up some other orc figures (I'll show them off when they are done) and some fishmen (because there are Fishmen in Felltower). What can I say, 50% off to fill in gaps in my collection is hard to resist. And I'd been using some junky sahuaghin or lacedon counters for the fishmen, which isn't as cool as having some glossy-green black-eyed fishmen minis. Not the least part of the awesome is that those guys do resemble the description I use - more fish than man, with nasty teeth and fish eyes.

Anyway, customer service.

Long story short? One pack of orcs came without shields, and one pack of fishmen came with a fishman missing his left hand. But the guys at BTD mailed me another pack of shields, and full replacement pack of fishmen to make up for the miscast guy.

Nicely, that means instead of having just enough fishmen, I have a couple of extras - and I'm sculpting a "magic effect" with greenstuff to replace the missing hand on the miscast. I'm not remotely skilled enough to sculpt a hand. Naturally this means lots of conversions.

So I received the minis I wanted and more, and good customer service, too.

Hopefully I can get to painting these guys soon - holidays, work, and some vacation will actually make it hard to get filing, cleaning, priming, and painting in.

Now I just need to justify getting some daleks.


  1. I'm really glad that BTD's customer service has gotten much better in the last few years. They've got great miniatures, and reading stories like this increases the chances of me buying from them again. (Once I get a good chunk of my other stuff painted of course...)

    1. You can't wait to finishing painting what you have before you get new minis. What kind of crazy talk is that?

      I only recently realized the BTD guys used to be (or own the molds from) Harbringer. So I have these painted orcs I bought off of eBay a while back and found them unpainted in their catalog. Which is cool, in case I want to expand my range of those guys, too.

    2. Sorry. Clearly I mean Harlequin. I get those mixed up. Anyway, here are the guys I mean:



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