Friday, December 19, 2014

Starter Adventures is out

Starting Adventures by Tim Shorts is out. You can find it here:

Tim was nice enough to send me a preview back when I was looking for material to use to teach a new player to game. The player ended up choosing GURPS Lite over Basic Fantasy. But I read all of Starting Adventures and I was impressed with what's in it.

Based on the preview I've received, I'm pleased to see the final version is out.

If you:

- need a starting adventure to play right now, with minimal (maybe no) prep for a solo PC just learning the game


- need a solo adventure for a starting character of any class for a DnD or a retro-clone


- want to ease someone into gaming without starting a long, drawn-out adventure

then this is a book you can use. So many of the adventures are short enough you could generate a character and then play for an hour or so and give someone their first taste of gaming. They're very short, but also very open to the actions of the players. There isn't a lot of script here, just opportunities and obstacles. They're mapped (by Robert Conley), fully detailed, and ready to go.

I haven't seen the final copy yet (and I'm too busy to read it right now if I had it), but my impression of the preview was extremely positive. I keep a copy on hand, just in case I need it as speaking practice with a student or to use to teach a new gamer. It's like having a ready-to-go adventure for any one PC of any type in your pocket.

I think it's worth checking out if you need anything remotely like that.


  1. Thanks Peter. I appreciate the words man.

    1. You're welcome. It's a valuable niche that your product fills, and it does it well.


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