Sunday, December 13, 2015

Star Wars - Edge of Empire

I'll put up a summary tomorrow - but for now, suffice it to say we played some Star Wars: Edge of Empire.

The highlights:

- droid jokes. And Futurama bot jokes.

- terrible Star Wars names

- a GM who pulled out all the stops, such as a soundboard full of Star Wars music, wookie noises, sound effects, and more.

- shopkeepers who are tougher than slavers.

- fooling droids and rescuing other droids

- crazy dice

- our first steps towards rebellion

- finally a game where our off-topic Star Wars comments are on-topic roleplaying.

It just made me sad I can't find my DVD copies of the movies. I may have to re-attach my VCR and watch Star Wars again.


  1. There's been some bad threads about Star Wars politics, how bad the old republic was, how good the empire is and whether Alderaan was a military target (for a long time Clerks has established the Rebels killed all the contractors as collateral damage on death star 2)

    Anyway the arguments have been pretty dumb, but combined with KOTOR, some GURPS campaigns I've read about they encouraged me to run a campaign where the PCs are ex Jedi,crime bosses, princesses fed up with the disaster that is the Republic. They're fully aware that a Sith Jedi showdown is coming but they want to use it to bring effective government end ridiculous slavery (which makes NO sense btw).

    Anyway thinking about comics by Kurt Busiek and Warren Ellis made me think I'm better off doing my own setting based on the Star Wars tropes to have more fun.

    1. I don't know - I'm not sure how much I'd want to play SW with the names filed off. I'd rather just get right in and enjoy it. And not play with people who will argue about it.

  2. This was great fun. Kudos to JM for taking the GM seat! And I can lend you mine, i bought the "Limited Edition" Special Edition DVD set that came with bonus discs of the "original theatrical release." They look like laserdisc quality but there's no CG add-ons, and Han shoots first. The "unspecialized" editions cobble the original cut from remastered sources so it doesn't look like a VHS tape.

    1. I'll borrow it next time.

      And yeah, JM ran a great game.


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