Thursday, December 3, 2015

New releases: GURPS Aliens: Sparrials and GURPS Social Engineering: Back to School

Quick note:

This was just released today:

GURPS Aliens: Sparrials

It's written by Elizabeth McCoy, and it's 44 pages all on the kleptomaniacal sparrials (originally from GURPS Aliens.) It pretty jam-packed, and if you remember the entertaining sparrials from David Morgan-Mar's campaign way back when you'll find these quite in line with that. Plus, DF notes!

A week back a few months back (apparently) we had GURPS Social Engineering: Back to School.

It's by William Stoddard, and it greatly expands on the rules for learning in GURPS. If you've ever felt that GURPS makes learning too linear or doesn't really take in account all the variables, or want to run a school-based game where the learning matters, check this out. It's more depth that I need, but it's a useful tool if what I hand-wave you want to make central to a game. Call it the GURPS 301 of learning rules: compatible with the Basic Set but expanded well beyond it.


  1. Wait, wasn't Back To School a July release?

    1. Was it? Man, I missed it completely until last Friday.

    2. What page is the truant template on? Or was it developed too late for the book?


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