Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Oooh - Cone-Hatted Cultists minis!

The cultists who occasionally have fought my PCs have their lower-rankers wear cone-shaped hats. These is largely because I based their dress on these Mordheim figures:

Cone Hatted Cultists photo Cultists_zpsd4df8c3b.jpg

And now I saw these guys, from the Frostgrave line:

And for figure close-ups, Jim Holloway's website has them:
Some works in progress

They're undead-aspected types, but they fit with the "we carry skulls" motif my cultists have.

Unfortunately they are 20 GBP per set, and shipping is 5 GBP minimum - that's about $38 at the current exchange rate. $38 is a lot to pay for 20 plastic cultists. I'll need to wait for a strong dollar, a weak pound, or someone importing them to the US so the price is more like $25-28. But man I am jealous.

I'll just have to wait. Not patiently, though.


  1. Brigade games carries Frostgrave stuff. It's a little cheaper than ordering direct.


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