Thursday, December 3, 2015

Bones Froghemoth

This is for one of my players:

Reaper Bones 3 Froghemoth

I passed on this guy, because I really didn't feel like I needed another big figure. But he's only $10. I can add him in if someone wants him . . .

I used a Froghemoth as the "boss monster" waiting the tunnels underneath the destroyed temple from the Temple of the Frog (from the original Blackmoor supplement) in my previous GURPS game. So there isn't shock value in busting this guy out. But they are cool.


  1. Replies
    1. So, you want to buy one? I can retroactively pledge ten more dollars.

    2. Nah, that's ok. Too many flashbacks. ;)

  2. What kind of collection DOESN'T have this?
    One sadly lacking in froghemoths.
    I wanna fight one!!!

    1. It just seems like a big investment of money, painting time, and storage space for, "It's a Froghemoth! I Rapid Strike and and cut off his eye stalk. Woo, that was tough."

    2. I've been known to buy monster minis, pry the eyes off (or add dozens more), and then use that to fight people. Our DF delvers start with a 10+ to hit the eyes and chopping the eyestalk off of a high-SM creature . . . well, they better be ectoplasmic ghost eyes or something.

    3. I sometimes wonder how PCs would deal with turnabout - something really small or with high dex, ridiculous weapon skill and defenses, a habit for targeting human weak spots like eyes, and neigh-insane focus on killing PCs and taking their stuff.

      Then I remember Valasta and Quicklings and realize:

      1. This is not a new idea.
      2. Players HATE turnabout.

      Nonetheless, re-doing the Vryce vs. Mongo battle with the tables turned would be amusing...

    4. Yes, they do hate turnabout.

      It's a difficult thing, though - it's easy to make foes so lethal that the PCs can't win. Or that any error (or merely bad roll) spells death. That is pretty unfair, if only because players get one character and the GM gets hordes. I could deploy SM-10, DX 20, Skill 15 guys who attack the eyes on a 15 or less (16 vs. the barbarian!) but unless the players have a way to deal with them quickly and effectively, it's just the same as "death, no saving throw."

      In other words, it's fair if they are more or less glass cannons. If they'd high-Dodge, high-HP, Diffuse, invisible, etc. then it's just auto-kill.


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