Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Loot 2015

Just two gaming-related presents this year, barring turning a spiffy new tie into a dragon.

I received Chris Pramas's Orc Warfare:

and this cool War of the Worlds book:

Both are Osprey, who seem to have gone full-fiction. Maybe they ran out of WWII and Napoleonic battles to write up. I'll review the Chris Pramas book soon enough - the other book if it seems gaming related enough once I read it.


  1. I've really come to like Osprey a lot over the last year. I fell in with Tomorrow's War, which *almost* worked just right. On the strength of that, I bought Black Ops, which I love, and which is a modern day non-fiction ruleset, even I use sci-fi figures to play it. Based on that, I bought En Garde! which is another one-book non-fiction game out, and which I will probably play using fantasy miniatures. That's all rulesets, though. Didn't realize they were printing this sort of book for fiction, too. I'll have to thumb through the fiction background books at the local friendly sometime.

    1. I think it's a good move - historical-like fiction is a great way to do wargaming books. Plus, you can just make stuff up - it's why I wrote a DF book on Ninjas not a historical sourcebook on the ninja. It's easier when "that's cool, include it!" is the basis of research. :)

      I'm very tempted by Frostgrave, even though I have so little time to play. I bet I can get my players to play a minis game if it's pick-up, fast, and can use my painted minis as a shopping list.


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