Monday, December 21, 2015

Heavily Armoured Halfling minis Kickstarter

In the "these are amazingly cool" department:

I have no comment on this Kickstarter in terms of success, failure, likelihood of either, etc. And I'm not in on it, because I don't need heavily armored halflings. Or dealing with cross-Atlantic shipping and pound-to-dollar conversion rates. Also, I don't like resin figures.

But I do like the look of the minis. The combo of, say, historically accurate looking plate armour and war-goats is just fun. They're really visually interesting figures.

And who knows, maybe someone reading this will be shocked and delighted to find there will finally be halfling knights in full armor to put on the table. I can think of one, and I just hope his swashbuckler PC stays alive and he doesn't run his halfling knight with a human-sized sword.


  1. I have no use for these...but they are AWESOME, and if I were a multimillionaire, I'd probably buy them just to have them. I still haven't gotten around to painting a single Bones II mini, sadly.

    1. Wizard's tower first, man. Priorities!

    2. Indeed! It's a few years off (not at this house location), but it's in the long-range plans.


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