Friday, February 5, 2016

What should go on my new GM screen?

I've disassembled my GM screen for my GURPS game.

Basically I use my old AD&D (early and later edition) and 3rd edition D&D GM screens as the physical basis, but then tack on copies of GURPS materials.

Right now, this is what I'm thinking of putting on:

GM Side

Reaction Table
Hit Location Tables (B552-553)
Size and Speed/Range Table (B550)
Maneuvers and Postures (B551), possible re-typed to make them smaller and include Martial Arts material.
Door HP/DR (DF2)
Combat Modifiers pages (B548-549)
Injury to Diffuse, Unliving, and Homogenous
Capsule rules for low FP and HP, and recovery from same
Damage Table (B16)
Critical Miss Tables (Armed and Unarmed)

Page Ref Cheat Sheet for:
- Fright Checks
- Taking Extra Time
- Fire
- DF Falling Damage

Player Side

Critical Miss Table
Damage Table
Size and Speed/Range Table
Hit Location (either Humanoid only, or all of them)
Movement Point Costs (p. 387)

Various pictures and "inspirational" quotes. Requests include Thulsa Doom and the original Bells of D'Abo. I have a couple of very old-school pictures and newer ones I find pretty inspirational to tack on, like these:

Thulsa Doom!

Oh wait, maybe they meant this guy:

I'm not sure I can fit this all, and my goal is to put page refs where something can stand a second or two f me opening up a book. The ones I need to look at all the time, I'll pin up on the screen.

Any suggestions for charts or rules that seem to come up (and need lookup) on a regular basis?


  1. I liked this from The Rogues Gallery. Good for talking about hit location, perhps?

  2. Also this - sort of rare:


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