Wednesday, July 11, 2018

840+ hours of DF

I was just updating the DF Campaign page and thought about about much DF we've played.

We usually play for about 8 hours. It's very rarely less, it's often more. So, conservatively we've play 840 hours of DF. It's probably much close to 1000 than that, though. I'm counting a few sessions I knew were closer to 10 hours and a few 12+ hour sessions as 8 here.

I think I'm going to put myself down as "very experienced" in running Felltower, and "experienced" in running DF in general.

I'm just sorry I haven't been able to find more hours to play in.


  1. Perhaps you should also tally how many other GMs you have inspired to run DF/Mega dungeons

  2. 800+ hours? That's 4 point Hobby (GURPS DF Felltower) right there!


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