Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Status of the Ken Shabby Memorial

It's time for a Tenkar-style look at the status of the Ken Shabby Chainsaw Bear Memorial Statue Fund.

Here is Ken Shabby himself, poised with mighty spells to destroy his foes. Sadly, ogres turned out to be immune to magic, and he was slain. Perhaps struck down, only to return stronger than before?

Nope, just struck down.

But how about that fund?

Current plans include a full-sized chainsaw bear style statue of Ken Shabby. It will be the centerpiece of a trio of mages facing a wall listing all of the mages slain in Felltower.

Current assets: 0 sp.

Total assets raised: 0 sp.

Assets looted from Felltower since the plans were made: Many tens of thousands of sp.

The status of the Ken Shabby Chainsaw Bear Memorial Statue isn't positive. On the bright side, it's not so much "in the red" as "not in existence" sense.


  1. Back in D&D 3e days, we had an NPC (http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthread.php?136122-How-do-you-determine-a-quot-Real-Bad-Dungeon-Master-quot/page6&p=2331446&viewfull=1#post2331446) who, leading us* to our demise, uttered the phrase we put on his grave: "Whatever is down there, we can take it." We came by every so often to mock him.

    * I'm pretty sure "us" didn't actually include "me" at this point, as my monk had been killed right before he said this by a grell pulling off his arms, and the phrase was uttered in response to one of the other characters asking if they should go back to town to get my monk raised. Room 32C in the Moathouse of the Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil; the fight resembled the artwork on page 26 fairly well.

  2. Once Hjalmarr makes a big haul, he’s going to get to work on the fund. Right now, he’s got 161 sp, which is not enough to cover his expenses in town (compulsive carousing...). Amazing for a 372 Point character. Also, the statue of Nakar the Unseen is there, it’s just invisible and levitating...as far as you know.

    1. Isn't the entire monument levitating, invisible, and out of phase? Why it's the latest thing from Shvebnevbia!

  3. It seems to me that a small plaque on the ground declaring the spot to be location of the awesome, magical, famous, and beautiful statue memorial to Ken Shabby would be wholly appropriate.


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