Saturday, July 14, 2018

Kickstarter Ending Soon: Hall of Judgment for DFRPG

I'd like to amplify the signal on this Kickstarter that is ending soon:

Doug's Hall of Judgment for the Dungeon Fantasy Role-Playing Game. It is an excellent supplement from what I've seen. Doug always makes very high-quality books. And if you support this, you're supporting GURPS and the Dungeon Fantasy Role-Playing Game alike. So, please do that.


  1. It is very encouraging to see that it has over 500 backers, considering DFRPG’s boxed set had 1,587.

  2. I agree. I figured that "most probable" was 250-300 folks, as that's what I've been getting on my KS. I figured average pledge would be $20, half PDF and half print+PDF. So $5-6,000

    Doing triple that? Bodes well.


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