Saturday, July 21, 2018

Felltower Prep Report

Today, work, training, and rain.

But early to-bed, for tomorrow we Felltower!

- the PCs have some plans. One involves retrieving a chest full of loot. Or spiders. Probably loot, but it could be spiders. Just saying. Hayden wants to veto this in case it's treasure, as he's never around for low-risk high-loot delves. Or even just high-loot delves.

- some long-ago apportioned treasure was disposed of by Galen. Specifically, stuff he helped take from a dragon. We resolved that by email.

- Vryce hired someone to research Pasha Tewfik, the ifrit. I listed the possible answers and we'll roll to see what turns up. No, they can't use Luck. "I just happened to find an expert" or "he or she just happened to find the right answers" is what Serendipity is for.

- points were spent so far ahead of time I can't recall who spent what. Hurrah! They're all updated and ready to go.

- the pool of characters available means no one has any idea what the hell they're doing before game, except "I'll bring guy X if you bring guy Y and so-and-so brings guys Z" makes for head-twisting emails. I basically need to pack every single mini I own every trip just in case. Spoiler alert: not doing that.

Should be a fun session tomorrow!

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