Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Mead-Guzzling Mini for the Tavern Level

I have to get this guy ready for the fabled Tavern Level of Felltower.

I'm not saying the players are close, but hey, they could be.


  1. I have something similar in a level of my mega dungeon.

    It did predate yours (for a change)

  2. No doubt he is drinking Viking Blöd Mead!

    1. Unless he's a six-fingered vampire, in which case you can drop the "mead."

  3. I have multiple factions trying to install taverns (and toll entrances) into the undercity of Northport. One team had a job of posting signs with arrows leading to the tavern their employer had set up, in hopes of attracting workers from the department of aqueducts and sewers, local hobgoblins, and advenring parties in need if a re-up.

  4. I have several surface factions trying to build tacerns (and toll entrances) into the undercity of Northport to capitalize on the advenuring trade.


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