Sunday, July 1, 2018

Brother Ike's upgrade

Here is how I finally spent those points on Brother Iklwa that I'd mentioned in my post on spending points on allies.

1 point went to learn Swimming.

1 point each went to praying for Great Healing and Restoration

- 12 points went to raising Energy Reserve (Holy) 1 to 5.

In my opinion, those made significantly more sense than just raising Power Investiture. He really does need to pray for Remove Curse, but the two he learned were critical at this stage, and Great Healing was very close to being needed. He may get Protection from Evil at some point, but as soon as he does his primary mission will be "buff cleric" instead of "healing cleric" during combat with anything that just might turn out to be capital-E Evil. That would actually undermine his utility as a healer, in my opinion, as his pool of energy and the need to cast at penalties now already limits him.


  1. Isn't restoration a visit to the Temple in Town spell?

    Not sure I can ever recall a PC casting it

    1. The Felltower crew are constantly getting limbs crippled. I think they've been making do with spellstones or just toughing it out so far.

    2. Most of them have been temporary cripples, requiring only HP healing. But a few have been longer term, and having this spell saves them a lot of money.

      They haven't bothered with spellstones - the cost of a 15 or 50 energy spellstone is way too high!

  2. IME, Energy Reserve is beloved by all spellcasters, including healers.


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