Sunday, July 15, 2018

What spells do DF wizards need in Felltower?

Following up on my own post, what spells do DF wizards need in Felltower?

This list obvious is much different than it would have been in the past. It's based very heavily on current needs and situations the PCs face now.

Levitate. This is a critical spell because "easy" access to the dungeon now involves a fair amount of climbing. Even fairly solid Climbing isn't enough to ensure a risk-free entrance to the dungeon. Plus, hauling out loot, wounded comrades, monsters bits that the PCs are sure will sell, etc. This is one the party needs. Wizards love it for gliding around "out of harm's way," which largely isn't true, but still.

Missile Shield. This is less critical because of the increasing prevalence of missiles the spell won't or can't stop, such as meteoric iron bullets for slings and prodds and area-effect attacks. But it is what keeps your wizard from being pincushioned by the all-too-real threat of orcish arrows and poisoned crossbow bolt traps.

Scry Gate. Gates are a major part of Felltower, and the path to real riches and success lays in going through them. Going completely uninformed is foolish, however, and risky.

Seek Gate. Useful mainly to find a gate in a new area. It's on the list of very important spells to have.

Shape Earth. If you can't shape stone obstacles out of the way, you will slow down the party significantly. Or make some exits impossible!

Note this automatically means you know Seek Earth. Good thing, you need that, too.

Finally, a fire or acid spell very useful. Fire more than acid, but you need one. There are a number of things that can't be fully defeated without burning damage or corrosion damage.

Looking over the PCs and the dungeon, those seem to be the "show up with these or don't show up" level of magic. Not everyone can and will start with all of these, but you need some. A complete wizard will eventually want to know them all.

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