Monday, July 16, 2018

Line Painting & Finishing Up Guys I Don't Like

Some line painting today:

Those six guys came out blurry in the shot but you can see they mostly have their base coats on.

Next up:

- the head on the standard.

- their shields, off the figures first.

- mount the shields.

- wash with a brown or black magic wash (maybe both) to deepen all of the colors.

I like these figures. I didn't have any fun at all painting them.

They're all done, except:

- the shellbacks need a magic wash to protect the paints and bring out the depth.

- the mangator needs his eyes done, and then a magic wash.

It's too humid to do a wash now, I think.

1 comment:

  1. "I like these figures. I didn't have any fun at all painting them."

    Why? i always enjoy painting figs I like... unless it's mass/assembly line painting. I just tend to dislike mass painting in general (until I get to the individualizing stage, that's generally enjoyable even en mass).

    A friend just gave me all his Star Wars Legion stuff to paint. I'm really enjoying the Rebels (even though I'm assembly lining them) because each one is getting some variance in gear color (and I'm adding bits). But the Empire stuff is boring as dirt. All white and black and pristine.


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