Saturday, July 28, 2018

Random Links & Thoughts 7/28

A few brief links and ideas for today:

- I enjoyed this post of Gary Gygax's session reports over on Zenopus Archives. I think Gary Gygax is the only person I've ever encountered who used the word "doughty."

- One of my players found this mini which might fit Jasper the staff-armed swashbuckler.

- I watched a few videos on The Fantasy Trip that SJG put out a while ago while I wasn't paying any attention. It looked okay, but some of the combat details really made it clear to me why I like GURPS. Some of the basics demonstrated are a bit raw and rough compared to systems I liked in modern GURPS.

- I did a little work on my GURPS campaign notes. Next game is in a week or so.


  1. How is a staff using swashbuckler working out? I notice your game has had fairly few swashbucklers rolled

    1. We've got two now, and we've another in the past. They haven't been consistently run as much as the big four - barbarian, knight, wizard, and scout - but we've had them.

      The staff-armed one is working out, but there are a lot of limitations that come with the defensive superiority of a staff fighter. I'll try to get a post up about that later.


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