Thursday, September 30, 2021

GURPS Fantasy Folk: Elves

I had the pleasure of peer-reviwing/playtesting this book, which came out today:

It's out today, and if you're going to use elves in a GURPS game, it's worth the $6 to expand your variety of pointy-eared chums.


  1. I picked it up from W23 this afternoon, and rather enjoyed it. It's nice to have all the Elf templates amalgamated in one book.

  2. I appreciate you mentioning my first GURPS supplement and your help as a peer-reviewer/playtester. While I've been a reviewer/playtester several times, I never realized how much help that can truly be until I was the author!

    1. Happy to mention it; I liked the book and I was happy to playtest it.

      It's hard to describe how helpful reviewers/playtesters are, and editors as well, until you've been through the process with them.


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