Thursday, September 23, 2021

Conan the RPG from TSR on sale for $295

Back in the day, I didn't buy this because I had stopped buying random TSR boxed sets . . . and I didn't see why I needed another game to play Conan, given having AD&D Conan modules. Well, one at least.

But maybe I should have.

It's going for $295 without the dice. So not exactly common and cheap . . .

Pretty cool, though. I've read stuff for the game, but I don't know if it's worth it. Conan runs well enough in GURPS. Or at least he did in 3e, and probably in 4e, too, I suspect.


  1. I remember the modules but I had forgotten that TSR did a full game for Conan. Though I think if I were going to drop that kind of coin on an old game, 1st edition Stormbringer would get the nod.

    I haven't picked them up yet, but I saw GURPS Conan books are now available Print On Demand from SJ Games. Those are definitely on my radar.

    1. They're good. I really enjoyed played Beyond Thunder River and Wyrmslayer, especially. The other two are fine but not as fun as those two were.


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