Sunday, September 12, 2021

Cold Fens current status

Had to pause mid-fight tonight, 10 seconds into a fight. Here is everyone's stats:

Ulf Sigurdson is at 11/12 ho, 1/8 ER, 6/12 fp, 17/25 Power Investiture, See Secrets, Resist Poison, Resist Lightning x2 (on Gerry and Ulf)
Ulf Sigurdson has out his Buckler and Wand of Holding 6 rounds left of DX +2 from Heroic Grace

"Mild" Bruce McTavish is at -37/40 hp, 5/14 FP, has his greatsword out.

Crogar has 14hp and has resist poison on himself. Axe and shield.

Gerrald Terrant has 5 FT, 10HP, 0 ER, 5 PW, 11 spells up, levitate, invis, missile shield, drak vision, great haste, and has 8 sec of GH left.

Wyatt:HP = -27/15; FP = 10/13; Resist Poison, Great Hasted (7 sec left), Resist Lightning, DX+2 potion, Magic Sword + Wooden Sword out.

Heyden the Ebon Page is at -22HP and -13FP and is charmed.

MVP was almost Marshall for cutting through the lever puzzle to a solution . . . but it went to Wyatt for his planning and formation fighting.


  1. D'oh! I wrote Power Investiture by mistake--I meant 17/25 on my Power Item.


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