Tuesday, September 28, 2021

My friend's Kickstarter - Blackbirds RPG

So one of my gamers posted this on our Discord group*:

The Creator & Lead Designer of that game is Ryan Verniere. Ryan is our old GM for Armageddon, and Vampire, and Mage, and other games. He also ran a few crazy fun characters in my Forgotten Realms-based GURPS 3e game. And survived the duststorm that was the Warped Tour on Randalls Island with me and the guy who ran Chuck Morris and a few other fun folks. Good times.

Anyway, Ryan is incredibly creative and fun. So I'm going to back this at least at the PDF level - I need another book on my shelf like I need another hole in my head but if it's got Ryan's name on it, maybe I'll get it anyway. It'll be pretty and fun to read, if a bit large.

I'll put the tracker up on my sidebar, too, for you guys using the web version of the blog.

* Which I basically never visit, but I did on a whim today. Probably for like the second or third time ever? Glad I did.


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