Friday, September 3, 2021

Random Links & Thoughts for 9/3/21

Notes and links for today.

- Ever wonder why I approve your comment, and then don't come back and respond to it for hours, or days? Because I have content moderation on, and whenever I have a minute and remember, I go check for comments that need approval. If it's clearly a real person, I approve it . . . and don't come back to read them until I have time to actually think about what's being said.

- Here are minis painted up for B2 Keep on the Borderlands and T1 The Village of Hommlet.

- If anyone wants to buy my core-set-only Bones V set unopened, complete with dice and bases, let me know. I'll sell it at cost + shipping. I'm sure there is stuff in there I want but as I've said before, my time is limited and my eyes and hands just don't allow for painting like I want to. I just don't need all of this.

- I've fallen behind on the play reports for this Judge Dredd game, but I'll make good!

- Ah, Gary Gygax and AD&D, my original game system. Want to do a cool thing? It's extremely hard, it's unfun, and it turns you into an NPC. At best. Enjoy. That applies to running monster PCs, becoming a diety, becoming undead or a lycanthrope, etc. I know all too much of how I run game is best understood in how deeply this was absorbed by me.

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  1. "Ever wonder why I approve your comment..."

    I just figured that like me, sometimes you read something but it doesn't spark a need for a return comment for a few days/weeks/months/years... and so never gave it a second thought.


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