Friday, September 17, 2021

Assorted links & notes for 9/17/21

The usual disorganized mess for Friday!

- looks like we'll try to wrap up Sakatha I on Sunday in a short session.

- it pours when it rains. I'm starting to write my writing project, playtest a book, and I signed up for multiple work certifications that could have waited until later, and volunteered for something I think is worth doing. Oh, and added more work. I should, you know, find a new video game to waste my time on.

- TSR financials of interest to you? Jon Peterson has you covered.

- This would be useful in Gamma World:

Post Apoc Locations 1 - Wasteland & Wilderness

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  1. "Post Apoc Locations 1 - Wasteland & Wilderness"

    Noice link ya gots there... be a shame if someone we're to... *YOINK*


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