Thursday, September 9, 2021

Monsters list updated

I went through and added a couple of monsters to this list today:

Monsters Encountered So Far

I added greater wights - they've fought them before, not recently, and I'm not sure why they weren't on the list.

I also added the two milk-skinned giants as "Giant, Albino (?)" since they're not sure what they were except that they have white skin.

I'd been meaning to check the list and check it twice, but that's all I noticed that was missing.


  1. Clearly they're Giant Whites... now bigger than Greater Wights! Or maybe those giants just have the white stuff? To bad the PCs and them got off on the wrong foot, but the giants are on the white side of history...

    Oh yeah, these puns just white themselves.

    1. If you don't stop wight now, I'll white a complaint about to you Google!

    2. Bah, the googles they do nothing!

      So, as long as we're talking about great wights, once they bite the PCs, do they make them twice shy?

    3. Given my preference for originals, that only happens if you're bitten by a Hunter, Ian and not a Wight, Great.


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