Wednesday, September 29, 2021

The ugly business of firings at TSR

This could have been a random Friday link, but I didn't want to forget it.

Jon Peterson looks at the waves of firings at TSR.

This is about when I was leaving TSR and its games behind . . . and went to SJG, which has had its own worries but not quite like this stuff.

Game Wizards: TSR Staffing

Having been fired from a job I specifically wanted at a company I specifically wanted to work at - by someone in the "strategic growth" department, no less - I feel for the people listed here often as mere numbers. It colored my relationships with all businesses, and it's why I can be annoyingly independent about how I do things. Imagine being a gamer, hired at TSR, and then, bang, pack up and go home. It must have really sucked. But then again, with all the people being laid off, maybe it became the kind of environment you wanted out of. I wouldn't know. I just know around this time TSR stopped making stuff I wanted and moved on. Maybe that's why this all happened - too many of us doing the same.

Nice to have Jon Peterson doing the hard documentation of the hazy memories I have of the downsizing of TSR.

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