Saturday, September 11, 2021

Sakatha, potentially round 1, tomorrow!

Tomorrow we'll pick up with the PCs facing some unopened doors in the dungeon, hoping to fight Sakatha.

First, they'll need to fight past one encounter. Hopefully they'll do so successfully, and not spent most or all of the session on it. I know it is hard to run quick tactical combats . . . everyone wants to assess the entire fight when it comes around to them.

I know I complain about that a lot, but I know as a player, I can't wait for my turn and I'm totally ready to go. I am chafing at the proverbial bit to get my turn in. So I'm a little less patient than a perfect GM should be when it comes to players who want to start to decide what to do only when it is their turn.

I am hoping the "big fight" beyond the doors actually turns out to be less than a full session . . . so the PCs can figure out what's next and then get on with that.

If not, this will be session 2 of 3 of a single delve. I'm not proud. Or tired.

Not all of the players from last time can make it . . . but other players will step up to play the PCs that are there. Teamwork!

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  1. When I would run Frag at conventions, when a players turn came around, and they were dithering trying to count squares or whatnot, I'd say: So you are observing this turn, and I'll go on to the next player? That usually helped commit them to do something when their turn came up.


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