Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Lost City 5, Part II - In Pictures

Here is Sunday's big fight in pictures, in chronological order. Some shots are only seconds apart, so they're just more perspectives and less steps in the fight.

 photo 2016-01-24 16.41.22 small_zps7ea57rld.jpg
Bursting in. The yellow ladder is a counter for the bar from the door.

 photo 2016-01-24 16.57.26 small_zpstazgmyzy.jpg

 photo 2016-01-24 16.57.32 small_zpsulpjoisi.jpg
The preceding two shots are the advancing PCs early in the fight.

 photo 2016-01-24 17.03.25 small_zps6mge4tl6.jpg
Mo slides into the spider's maw.

 photo 2016-01-24 17.13.42 small_zpskgt2ycer.jpg
Another perspective on the above.

 photo 2016-01-24 17.13.53 small_zpszbnbvqm7.jpg

 photo 2016-01-24 17.34.24 small_zpscwvhquwo.jpg

 photo 2016-01-24 17.50.26 small_zpsjhn12z8w.jpg

 photo 2016-01-24 17.50.34 small_zpsvdgp6w7h.jpg

 photo 2016-01-24 18.44.06 small_zpsm1r87o4i.jpg
Hjalmarr moves in on Rangol Grot and his hunchback henchmen.

 photo 2016-01-24 18.54.18 small_zpsl8vbyna5.jpg
Rangol's new buddy, Hjalmarr, moves to take out Angus.

 photo 2016-01-24 19.51.45 small_zpsbcvflpux.jpg
Hjalmarr's shadow has just split from him thanks to Animate Shadow, and a skull spirit moves in on him.


  1. What's the easiest way for me to get a big Hex grid sheet like you?

    1. That's the "small" one, I think - we have a few Chessex hex maps:

      Battlemats & Megamats

      I have like two of the Battlemats and one or two of the Megamats. I got a deal on them as factory seconds, and we've been using them for over 15 years now. They hold up.

  2. So should I get the smaller one, the larger one or both?

    I could easily fit the smaller one, but the larger one is going to hang off at least an inch on some tables I use.


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