Saturday, May 9, 2020

Art, chosen!

I forgot to mention this the other day - I was asked to, and put in, my art requests for my upcoming GURPS Dungeon Fantasy-related book.

It's not really that exciting; I got to choose from art instead of ask for what I want. Still, it's nice that there will be art. And I'm certain that what I chose fits the theme of the book.

Naturally I don't get the last word. Or even close to it. But the book is that much closer to the end of production. I have no idea when you guys will see it.

Now, I have ideas for my next book. So I just need to do the outline and pitch it!


  1. Really looking forward to this book.

  2. I recently suggested some art myself which, between the somewhat limited sources and my own prima-donna-ish inclinations, was not easy, but I think was I got was appropriate.


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