Monday, May 11, 2020

The Battle of Al-Bunrab

Way back in the 90s, I quite accidentally ended up working with someone I'd known in Junior High School and High School. We eventually started gaming together again - he ran Borriz Borrizman the dwarf in Felltower most recently. But still back in the 90s, a co-worker of his came across a website about the "Battle of Al-Bunrab" and posted a link to it to answer a trivia email about early tank battles, not having adequately read it. My buddy showed it to me, and it's been something I've never forgotten.

The website itself went away years ago, but thanks to whomever started because it's preserved here:

The Battle of Al-Bunrab

You can read about the battle between American, British, and German land ironclads - not tanks, land ironclads - instigated by the wily Rajah Rabiid of Bunrabia in Ouargistan.

The whole website is filled with fun miniatures action. Sadly, in the archive the pictures are quite small. But the steam-powered "land ironclads," penny-farthing torpedoes, and bunny-shaped steam tanks are clear enough. I wish the original site was up, but this is what we have. I'm mostly linking it here for those who missed it back in the day, and so I can find it off my own blog next time I want to read up on it.

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