Friday, May 1, 2020

Random Bits for 5/1

A few little notes for today:

- How hardcore is Darkest Dungeon? I was mid-fight earlier today and had a sudden power loss to the laptop I was using (oops.) Bink, computer off. I had to reboot it. When I went back into DD, I was still mid-fight and my Vestal was waiting to act. Wow, I never thought I'd be that grateful for continuous saves. I went off and backed up the synced saves on another computer in case it got corrupted, but nope. That kind of sudden loss is how I lost my best Progress Quest character.

- When Al Pacino reads aloud from the NYT in Serpico, he sounds exactly like Erik Tenkar.

- Remember that time the PCs had a wizard mince around up to his ankles in unholy water because they thought it would open a secret door? The Castle Whiterock guys did something like that. Heheh, throne on a table. Love it.

- I received an email update about Star Schlock. I'm looking forward to the game. The minis . . . I have lot of minis to use. But maybe some of them. The rules, yes, and I intend to try and play this with my gaming group.


  1. Wait, we tried putting the throne on the table? My character's Laziness is clouding my memories.

    1. That's what it says.

      Lucky for me I never have other people writing summaries of sessions I play in, so I don't get confronted with crazy crap I missed. :)

  2. Kal really wanted us to do it. I didn't really help him get it up on the table and then we got distracted.


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