Friday, May 8, 2020

Felltower PC Disadvantages Guessing Game

Late this past week, one of my players emailed me about the possibility of changing up disadvantages.

He posed an interesting question - without looking at his character sheet, what disadvantages did I think the PC had, at what self control rolls? (and presumably why I thought so.)

It wasn't really a fair question to me. We played this past Sunday, and as part of pre-game prep I look at everyone's sheets to remind myself of their ads, disads, and quirks. Mostly disads and quirks; a 15-advantage list like Aldwyn's can glaze my eyes over.

But I thought . . . what do the blog readers think are the disadvantages that PCs have? You don't get to see them played, but you do get to see their actions through my words. I've flat-out stated some of them, but others I expect just are obvious.

If you'd like to play along, just post in a the comments the PC, and what disadvantages you think that PC has. I'll post the actual lists of any PCs people guess about on Sunday.


  1. Hmmm. Tough one, since we also don't get to see all their actions... but...

    Galen: Bloodlust (a gimmee)
    Wyatt: Overconfidence (a gimmee)
    Gerald: Excommunicated and either a Social Stigma or OPH regarding his undead.
    Crogar: Cursed (Suffers a Crippled Limb On a Roll of 1-5 on 1d, Once per Session)
    Hasdrubel: Does not have Sense of Duty (Fellow Adventurers)

    Less sure...

    Inquisitor Marko: Intolerance (Other Religions)

    Either Gwynneth, Quenton Gale, or Galoob Jah had Cowardice, but I can't remember which one I thought that would apply to. Maybe all of them.

  2. I'll play too.

    Gerry: Clueless
    Galen: Bloodlust, Callous. Intolerance (Urbanites)
    Heyden:Sense of Duty (Companions)
    Mild Bruce: Easy to Read
    Crogar: Odious Personal Habit (Always votes for himself for MVP)

  3. Hayden may have excommunicated

    Wyatt Delusion - Inquisition and Overconfidence

    Crogar - Vow no Armor, Impulsive

    Quenton as a Goblin definitely Cowardice. As a druid hmm Sense of Duty Nature?

    Ulf we know is Honest, hmmm. Sense of Duty Coreligionists also?

    Galen we know has Bloodlust, hmmm, Callous?

    1. Pretty sure Crogar has DR (Thick Skin, Cannot Stack With Armor) rather a Vow (Doesn't Wear Armor).

    2. Heyden isn't Excommunicated; he was never especially devout in his worship of the Good God, and his recent worship of the Ebony Death Goddess may be (in Ulf's words) "just a phase". In light of recent events, we'll see what happens to Heyden's take on religion.

  4. Varmus clearly has Disturbing Voice and I guess Social Stigma Criminal

    Given the name 'Mild Bruce' I guess he has Bad Temper, like calling a big guy Tiny

  5. No spoilers here, but I must say that I am enjoying the guesses! Good post, man.


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