Wednesday, May 13, 2020

New Twilight 2000?

Apparently there will be a new version of Twilight 2000:

New Version of Twilight:2000 Announced

Neat. Twilight:2000 had the best supplements of any game system, always providing a well-developed sandbox with a plot to take advantage of the setting. Maybe we'll see more of the same?


  1. It'll certainly be interesting.

    I always thought GURPS was a natural fit for Twilight:2000. The first version was very 1980s and clunky. The second edition used the same system as Dark Conspiracy, which was horrid (system, not setting).

    I'm not familiar with the Year Zero system, so I can't comment on its merits.

    1. Yes, clunky is a good way to describe T2K 1st edition. I'd never run it or play it, although I did like how easily it handled vehicles. GURPS would be a far better fit than most any other system, especially if HANS did the work on the weaponry.

      I know nothing about Year Zero, either. Still, it's the supplements I'm hoping that it might support that I'd get a kick out of reading.


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