Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Treasure from Session 132

Here is the loot from Session 132.

No word on XP yet and Resurrection, because folks have been too busy to weigh in on what to keep. Both of the dead are opting for Cut Rate Resurrection, using the DFRPG rules, to add on new disadvantages and/or change existing ones.


The snakemen yielded an average of 1200 sp worth each of jewelry - so 10,800 sp there.

You recovered 12 snakeman smallswords and 9 snakeman hollow daggers. They're norminally worth 80 sp and 10 sp each, respectively, but sold as a bulk you'll get more like 50 sp each (you're going to have to unload them) and 10 sp each. Of couse, to answer [One Player]'s inevitable question, you can hold onto them and slowly sell them off 1 or 2 at a time over a few months, and get 80 sp each for the swords.

You found 4 old D'Aboan spears. They're in so-so shape, and sell for 8 sp each. If you get Repair cast on them, they'll go back up to full value - 16 sp each.

In the treasure pile was:

- two unidentified potions. Gerry's analysis tells you one is a Mana Gout potion (DFT3: Artifacts of Felltower), a Hero's Brew potion (ditto).

- a pair of magical copper-and-amber bracelets. They need Analyze Magic, which costs 400 sp per casting (8 energy, 50 sp per point) since no one knows the spell. They turn out to be Bracers of Shock (Copper bracelets set with amber, worth 300 sp. Cast Shocking Touch-15 for 3d+3, which ignores armor DR, up to three times per day. $32,700 for magic, $300 for the bracelets; both must be worn.) These can be sold for 40% of their value, or 13,200 sp. [Priced out with DFRPG Magic Items rules]

- 2100 sp, 115 gp, and 3 gold eagles (total value 4700 sp)

- a tooled leather scrollcase (100 sp base value) with a clerical scroll with Resist Disease-20, Stop Paralysis-20, and Banish-20.

- silver ring set with 3 pearls (350 sp)

- gilt silver snuffbox (250 sp)

- gold and silver necklace with a 3-carat sapphire (1100 sp)

- 33 assorted small gems worth an average of 100 sp each (3300 sp)

- 7 rubies worth 750 sp each (5250 sp)

- very large bronze key (sale vale 20 sp); fits the big lock on the gate to the tunnels.

The naga's body disappeared (and the naga faded off as a ghostly image) and left behind a gold torc. The torc is shaped like two snakes facing each other, with bodies made out of braided snakes. The whole thing is big on a SM+1 person, and weighs 3 pounds (all solid gold.) It's creepy as hell, though - it's unnerving to look at (-2 reactions from everyone, all the time, except snakes) and causes a Fright Check if handled. The group pushed it into a bag and presumably had a zombie carry it. It's theoretically worth 22,500 sp as jewelry (and is thus a 45 point power item!) but melted down for gold value it's 15,000 sp.

I think the current idea is to "trade" it to the church in return for two Resurrection spells, but that'll take a reaction roll as you're basically asking for a 50% discount on the Resurrection spells in return for the destruction of an evil artifact. The usual church response is, "You're supposed to do that." Once you tell them you have it, you can't easily then say, "Let's keep it!" and then go sell it to Black Jans and retain a good opinion from the church. So the totally safe option is to melt it down yourselves and then just take the $ value. Wyatt has Greed so his vote will be whatever gets more value out of it, but it's a little riskier since you all have relatively poor reaction rolls since people like disads with social penalties. :)

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