Sunday, May 17, 2020

Felltower today & Ulf's speech

We have a session of Felltower today.

The plan, such as it is, is to go to the Lost City and go after Rangol Grot, last seen many, many sessions ago. The vegepygmies seem to be able to find him . . . so they'll take another crack at him.

The backup if the gate is closed is . . . I have no idea. Not another gate, as far as I can tell.

So assuming the gate is open, let's see how they do in an attempt to seize the other Bell of D'Abo and open up the shielded temple.

Also, preserving for posterity, here is Ulf's speech as he uses Panhandling to gather more coins for the cause:

"Listen here, citizens of Stericksburg! Listen the tale of how a few pious followers of the Good God defeated evil once again, and destroyed a powerful champion of the Evil Snake Cult. Nine of us went, far to the Lost City, where evil has run roughshod. There we went, searching for the minions of the evil snake cult, you know the one—their symbol is two snakes facing each other! (Gestures appropriately) And those minions we found—the snakemen who worship not the Good God, but this ancient and evil religion.

Oh, we found their lair, and defeated their flesh-eating ape servants, who fell before our swords like chaff before the wind. And behold, what did we see, but giant two-headed snakes, with deadly poison, yea, verily, commanded by a gargantuan snake with the head of a woman—an evil woman, a trickster! A charmer! A beguiler! Legends say she is a naga, or a nagini… Whatever she is called, she was a cruel and wicked tormentor! So for the glory of the Good God, we attacked the vile beast and her pets, though snakemen were nowhere to be found. Ah, but they are sneaky, these snakemen, preferring to attack from the darkness and shadows. And so they did, with their poison and wily charms.

A terrible battle it was, my friends. The snakemen and that evil bitch tricked and bedeviled some of our comrades. The murderous and malevolent nagini ensnared and poisoned good Aldwyn of the Cornwood, and we feared all was lost. But it was not so, for we had Galen Longtread! Good people, he may not oft frequent these streets of fair Stericksburg, and perhaps ye see him not often in the Church, but the Good God works in mysterious ways, and through Galen and his companions, the Good God saw the evil nagini defeated that day!

But I was not gifted with that sight, dear followers. Nay, though I stand here before you, truth be told, I was slain in that battle, not by the snakemen, or the dread nagini, but but one of my own companions, bewitched and enthralled against his will! Thus see you here the scars of that battle (points to his chest) when good Ulf Sigurdson was killed.

That was but a temporary respite, my brothers and sisters. For it seems that the Good God was not done with me yet! Nay, when Galen and my comrades brought me to the Church in Stericksburg, they raised me up, and I stand here before you, one who has died but yet lives! For what purpose, then? Why did He bring me back? As a tool, an implement of his faith, to spread His word, my friends! And with that great responsibility, I say to you this: Followers of the Good God, always be vigilant! Ever must you be wary of those lurking to subvert the Good God—even your friends and family, lest they turn against you! For evil lurks around every corner, hiding in the shadows. And evil does not rest.

But as I say, the Good God brought me back to spread his word and do good deeds in his name. And that means that we must shine his heavenly light upon the sons of darkness and crush all who oppose him!

Those who worship the snake cults, yea, they must be

The horrid demon cultists of Sakatha rumored to be active in the Cold Fens, yea, we must
destroy them!

Those evil demons and beings who roam the walls of Felltower and beyond, yea, we must
obliterate them in the name of the Good God!

All these must fall, my friends, so that the Good God’s flock may continue to prosper in these lands. And so I ask you, good people of Stericksburg, to give us your aid. For once again we will be treading those perilous paths to protect all of those virtuous souls who worship the Good God. And thus I pass my hat.



  1. "Nagini?"

    Someone remembers their harry Potter... that's the name of the villain's snake familiar.

    1. According to Wikipedia, it's also a term for a female naga in some sources. But no one told Ulf that, so he's taken it upon himself to give nagas gender names. Like the player who insists on "snersons" and "sneeple" for any snakefolk they've met, it's an odd case of players making stuff up even in the face of evidence otherwise . . .

    2. I've always pictured all naga as "female". The idea of distinct genders of naga somehow surprised me reading this.

    3. It's a thing, although not so far in Felltower.

  2. "...naga (also nāga – or nagini or nāgini for one that presents as a female." DFRPG Monsters 2, p. 30, right?

    1. Oh, your citation is correct, but everything in the DF monster books isn't canonical in Felltower.

  3. He's going to have another good speech after the last session.

  4. Or Nag and Nagina from Riki Tiki Tavi


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