Thursday, May 7, 2020

Final (?) Treasure, XP, and Notes from Session 132

How did it all turn out after Session 132?


In the end, the PCs:

- kept the Bracers of Shock. They're trying to figure out who'll get them. Right now, Aldwyn is in the lead.

- melted down the torc for the gold value, destroying it as an evil artifact. Varmus handled this with Create Fire and patience. Or Fireballs, either way.

- paid for Resurrection and Remove Curse out of the gross proceeds before division, as usual.

- sold the bulk of what they found outright, keeping only the Mana Gout, the scroll of cleric spells, and the Hero's Brew, which are probably going to Gerry, Ulf, and Wyatt respectively.

- they're still debating keeping some of the snakeman hollow-tipped daggers.


- The PCs used Summon Spirit to confirm that Aldwyn and Ulf wanted Resurrection. Both opted for Cut-Rate Resurrection to save $5K on each one. Each took a new -10 point disadvantage to make up the shortfall.*

- Crogar got Remove Curse done at the church.

- Ulf was was Resurrected.

- then came Aldwyn.

- Ulf used Remove Curse on Aldwyn, successfully.

- Ulf used Remove Curse three times on Wyatt, finally defeating the naga's charm the third time.


The loot was sufficient for everyone's threshold.

- 4 xp for loot

- 1 xp for exploration of new areas

- 1 xp Awesome Bonus for the final battle with the naga, involving Galen and the skeletons hacking the naga down in melee.

6 xp each, 7 xp for MVP of the session Galen (and thus 7 for MVP of the previous session, too.)

And in theory, that is that. $21,000 fixing the damage from the naga fight still netted everyone a few thousand silver and the group a few new magic items.

* I've decided I'm not allowing people to take more than -10 points or one new disadvantage of any value to cover Resurrection shortfalls. Any additional must be reduction of current abilities. Folks who want the "changed by death" feeling should change their disadvantages when raised. I'd like to avoid an unplayable pile of disadvantages. "Yes, I've got a Sense of Duty, a Vow, an Obsession, a Bad Temper, a Compulsive Behavior, and a Code of Honor . . . but now that I've seen death, I'm also Charitable, too!" = Yikes.

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