Sunday, July 20, 2014

DF Felltower: Slaying Weapons

My Felltower game has a couple of "Slaying" weapons. What does that mean, anyway?

Any weapon with a "Slaying" effect on it has the following effects:

- On a Critical Hit, the weapon does maximum damage to targets covered by the "Slaying" power.

- On a 3, the weapon does triple maximum damage to targets covered by the "Slaying" power.

- The weapon counts as the Achilles' Heel for Injury Tolerance (Damage Reduction), Regeneration, Supernatural Durability, Unkillable, etc. for targets covered by the "Slaying" power. So, for example, a Troll Slaying sword would count as "Fire or Acid" and thus wouldn't be easily regenerated by a troll.

The players knew the first two, and I'm pretty sure they understood the third one implicitly from seeing it work on undead that otherwise would keep getting back up or healing themselves.

Since we're using the simplified combat system for the most part, there are no rolls on the Critical Hit Table. If you combine this with the crit table, I'd recommend having the power of the slaying weapons override the table and have the specific effect, above, instead. Don't have it do both effects, or you're risking extreme stacking effects instead of - used as written - rare but powerful effects.

So far, Vryce has both of the weapons with his - his three Undead Slaying tassels* do this when combined onto one weapon. His new sword, Gram, is a dragon slayer, and does this vs. dragons. Others exist in the game, and some of the dragon materials taken last session can be used to enchant a Slaying bow for Galen. Therefore it's likely still more weapons of this nature will show up.

* Inspired by the demon-focused ones in Dungeon Fantasy 6: 40 Artifacts.

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