Sunday, July 6, 2014

DF Felltower: Valuable Dragon Bits

Or at least, what everyone thinks they know you can do with dragon bits. Not all of this is true, but most of it is, at least partly.

Dragon bits are very valuable. Not the least of which:

- dragon horns can be hollowed to make extremely good, far-carrying horns.
- dragon horns can be sliced into strips and combined with special woods and metals to make excellent bows.
- dragon horn can be ground into a sovereign cure for dragon breath damage and any poison or disease.
- dragon claws (and their incisors) can be made into excellent daggers or swords.
- dragon teeth can be made into arrows sovereign against all armors and magical protections.
- dragon teeth can be enchanted and then planted to grow into loyal warrior-servants.
- dragon hide can be made into leather armor, which is very easily enchanted.
- dragon blood, if bathed in, makes you invulnerable (either completely for a time, or partly so forever - depends who you ask.)
- dragon blood, if drunk, lets you speak with all animals and intelligent beings alike.
- dragon blood is flammable, and makes inextinguishable alchemist's fire.
- dragon blood is paut.
- dragon scales can be used to make shields that resist dragon breath and things like it.
- dragon bone, if ground up, can be made into potions of youth.
- dragon eggs can be hatched and the dragons raised as warmounts or pets.
- dragon eyes can be made into the finest lenses, for viewing or magical protection.
- dragon eyes, if taken out whole, can be made into peerless scrying crystals.
- dragon heart, if eaten fresh, makes the diner fearless. Dried and slow-cooked, it is a great delicacy in the southern city of Cashamash!
- dragon brains, if eaten, make the diner into a master wizard.

All of these apply to legends and stories of dragons, and some to dragon-like creatures. Some subset may apply to dragon-like creatures.

(By the way, these were variously inspired by Rolemaster's Creatures & Treasures, GURPS Dragons, AD&D, and everything I remember about dragon stories.)


  1. I've been thinking about your dragon ever since the PCs discovered what *seems* to be the entrance to its lair. Actually, they've now discovered both what seem like both a front- and a rear-door to the dragon's lair, if I'm remembering correctly.

    I hope this list of ways to profit further from dragon-slaying lures them into the lair! I'd love to see that session report...

    1. Potentially a back door, yeah. At least they know the caves they explore eventually hook up to the dragon's cave from behind.

  2. Here are some suggestions from Pete's Dragon.

    1. Thanks. Varyon posted some nice ones, too, here. Although, the list above is campaign-specific, so it's (reasonably) complete. I don't want to keep adding rumors to it, because I've already decided what the actual truth is and what is known and not known.

    2. Fafnir's heart (in the Volsung saga) was supposed to grant wisdom; just the blood from it (licked off, after burning his thumb) granted Sigurd understanding of the knowledge of birds.

    3. That's partly where I got the "speak to all animals" bit.


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