Thursday, July 10, 2014

GURPS Horror: Madness Dossier is out

Today's new GURPS release is this one, by Ken Hite.

I got a chance to look at the m.s. before it was published, and comb through it for rules compliance and all of that. It's a very cool setting. Basically, you can be part of a small force of people keeping the ancient overlords who once enslaved mankind (through language!) back out of what we perceive as reality. It's a pretty cool setting, and one that even a non-horror fan like myself can get behind. Sure, you can wallow in the overwhelming despair of knowing how doomed we are, but meanwhile my guy can be shooting evil in the face. It's got a very Strossian feel to it, but with that typical Ken Hite flair for combining an evocative setting with an ease of slipping in PCs and finding things for them to do.


  1. I'd read his grocery list. :-)

    1. His grocery list is both terrifying and strangely compelling!


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