Thursday, July 31, 2014

Revised GURPS Magic: Hush and Mage-Stealth

This one is an easy change, and one I alluded to earlier.

Hush and Mage Stealth have their own special effect (+3 to Stealth, -5 to be heard) but it's just as easy to define the spell in terms of Silence, the advantage.

Regular, Resisted by Will.

Subject cannot make any sound, accidentally or on purpose. For purposes of stealth or being heard, this counts as 3 levels of Silence (p. B85).

Everything is as the spell Hush in GURPS Magic.

Mage Stealth

Subject gains 1 level of Silence per energy point in the spell.

Cost: 1 per level of Silence, half cost to maintain (round up.)
Time to Cast: 1 second per energy point.

I think that makes the spells more broadly useful and mechanically consistent.


  1. So Hush is generally an offensive spell and Mage Stealth is one that you would cast on yourself for sneaky sneaky things?

    1. Yeah. I figured I'd make the distinction like that instead of "Mage Stealth is better Hush" like it is now.

      I was going to merge the two entirely, but they have different time to cast, duration, and effects, so it was much messier that way.


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