Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mirado the 5th, at 5th level

Yesterday I tried to re-create Mirado, my S&W fighter, in D&D 5th edition.

I was thinking - what would he be like at 5th level? So did Douglas Cole, and he seconded my silent opinion that it was worth a post.

Mirado got max HP at 1st level in S&W, just like he would in 5th edition D&D. He earned 25 more over the next four levels, out of a possible 32 additional HP. So he earned 78.125% of the maximum HP for his level gains. Switching to d10 from d8, he would earn 78.125% of the extra 40 he could have 31.25 HP. Rounded down, he would have 10+31=41 HP. His CON is good for +2 HP, not +1 HP, in D&D, so that's +10. He would have 51 HP out of a maximum possible 60 - 85% of potential max, very slightly higher than the 84.~% of max he actually has.

What else would I get?

At level 2, I get a one-shot Action Surge. Nice.

Level 3, a Archetype. At least for now, I need to choose the Champion Archetype. No worries, it's pretty good for Mirado.

Level 4, Ability score improvement. +2 to one or +1 each to two. Only STR gives Mirado an immediate combat increase for +1, and he's all about combat. +2 to CON would give more HP. Hmm. And +1 to STR and CON would set me up for a nice bonus to CON later, and a solid STR increase now. So let's do that.

Level 5, An extra attack! Nice.

Mirado the Slow
Human Fighter
Level 1
XP: 0
Needs 300 for next level.

STR 18 (+4)
DEX 14 (+2)
CON 15 (+2)
INT 12 (+1)
WIS 13 (+1)
CHA 13 (+1)

HP 51
AC 19 (plate AC 18, No Dex for heavy armor, +1 from Defensive)
Move Base 30 feet
Proficiency Bonus: +2
Skills: Athletics, Intimidation, Perception, Survival
Proficiencies: Gaming set (dice); Vehicles (land)
Fighting Style: Defense

Background: Soldier (Infantry)
Personality Trait (2): I can stare down a hell hound without flinching and I face problems head on.
Ideal: Live and Let Live.
Bond: Those who fight besides me are worth dying for.
Flaw: If my friends all jumped down a pit, I'd jump in after them.

Armor and Weapons:
Plate - AC 18, 65 lbs. Stealth is Disadvantaged.
Longsword "Woundlicker" -, +1 sword, drains 1 HP on a hit on a living thing, drains 1 HP from user on a 1. 1d8+5 slashing, 1d10+5 slashing two-handed - 3 lbs.
Ogre Head Flail - 1d8 bludgeoning, 2 lbs.
Light Crossbow - 1d8 piercing, 5 lbs. (technically, I use a longbow, but I'd use this in 5th edition)
20 bolts

Other significant gear:
Ring of Protection +1, 10' radius
Boots of Elvenkind (I wonder how they handed disadvantaged stealth. Personally I'd have them give stealth an advantage, and thus cancel out, but I'm not writing the rules here.)

And that's how he'd look at 5th level. Obviously, I'd have made different choices if I'd known I'd switch to 2-weapon fighting, but still, I'd have made different choices if I could re-do my original S&W guy, too. Some things I thought were good ideas there (DX high enough for Defensive Fighting instead of STR 18, for example) didn't pan out.

Overall, this was easy - even easier than the initial character generation. I felt like I had a few real choices, but not a lot to fret over.


  1. Flaw: If my friends all jumped down a pit, I'd jump in after them.

    Ha, I guess we would all have to take that flaw then. Alright, I'll have to try this with Minister.

    1. Yeah, you guys are the bomb.

      None of the other flaws really fit Mirado, but he's not going to abandon a live friend in a dungeon, PC or NPC, as long as he's got a single HP left. Even if "run away and come back another day" is a good idea, he's really unlikely to do that. I'm sure if Tenkar ran a 5e game, he'd let that fly.

    2. I'm trying to figure out how Rul would be different. Thus far, he seems "just like Mirado, but with worse stats." :-)

    3. I think once we see more archetypes, you'd have more options. Choosing Archery for Rul would fit, and make him better at range. But otherwise, yeah, he's quite similar in the important bits.


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