Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hey Buddy, Can You Spare Some Testor's 1261 Glosscote?

Arrgh. None of the FLGSs by me carry Testor's, and I need some 1261 Glosscote to try de-frosting my minis. It's weird, because I got my last can of it at one place and they don't carry Testor's anymore.

The RC car places don't have it, either, and I can't seem to confirm if the craft stores do or don't. The model train shops? Nearest one is pretty far west of here. Annoying.

There is one place I could go later in the week, but they're "not sure" if they have any.

When did Testor's paints become rare around here?

I may have to order it online, which is crazy, because shipping is as much as the can of spray sealer is. I don't want to chance a new glosscote, like Rustoleum, because I'm not sure it'll do the job. Testor's might not, either, but it's done so for me in the past and for others, too.

I may have to try this, instead, from Dr. Faust, but I've had a better experience with gloss to save the mini.


  1. It's not just around there. I had to go on line to get Testors just a week or two ago. Neither of the chain hobby stores I can go to have it, and the gaming supply store situation here is dire.

    (That's dire in the sense of bad, not dire in the sense of really big with extra-large fangs, which would be pretty cool for a game store.)

    1. Hmm . . . I wonder if Testor's, as a line, is dying off or something.

    2. I note that the plastic model kits which were usually sold alongside the paint have also vanished. It may be that its main market is a hobby in decline. And I think we all know how much that sucks.

  2. You should try the craft stores. If nothing else, they should be able to order it for you, without the extra shipping costs. Paint that's flammable has to be shipped specially.

    Wally World doesn't Cary models anymore, so that's a huge chunk of the market right there. You might try Toys R Them.

    Personally, I haven't used their stuff in years. Twice the price, half the quantity, half a quality. It's sort of like buying the Games Workshop paints. they look and sound nice in the bottle, but the cheap paints you getting the craft stores are just as good, with a much lower price.

    1. I've had zero luck with the chain craft stores - even calling them, they can't tell me if they have it or not. I'm not sure I trust them to special order it.

      There is one F not-L GS I can try, though, but it's a hike.

      I wouldn't regard the Testor's finishing sprays as half the quality of anything, though. The (Lusterless) and Glosscote are, in my experience, high quality. It's just expensive, and generally the Army Painter stuff has served me better for flat/lusterless coating. The craft store finishers are all glossy, no matter what they say on the can, and generally I've had them clump or spit very quickly after I started to use them.

      For paints, I generally use craft paints (with a lot of little exceptions for specific colors). But for sprays? Too much to lose by cheaping out, and I've occasionally lost when I did cheap out.

  3. Amazon carries some Testor paints and some of them have free shipping on orders $25+. If there are other things you want it might be worth looking.


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