Sunday, July 13, 2014

Grr . . . Frosted Minis

I tried spray-sealing some minis yesterday. It didn't seem that humid, but I guess it was . . .

 photo FrostedMini001s_zpscbc8459c.jpg

Now I have 10 minis including that cleric that need to be gloss sealed when it's less humid, hopefully wiping out the frost, and then re-sealed. They stay in my "not done yet" pile until this humidity breaks and I can find some good gloss seal. Sigh. If that doesn't work, they stay this way - I'm not stripping and and repainting them.

Oddly, the four Bones minis I also spray-sealed didn't frost at all. Not even a tiny bit. Nothing else was different about the paints, pre-sealers, etc. yet only the metal ones frosted. Huh.

But yes, just . . . grr.


  1. Replies
    1. I doubt it - they'd been sitting near a sunny window. Maybe Bones shed heat more quickly, and the metal was warmer. It didn't matter lead vs. lead-free pewter, just metal vs. Bones.

    2. My wild guess would be that the spray itself has a cooling effect, and that metal being metal, it cools more rapidly under the spray, causing the condensation. Any way you could install air conditioning or a dehumidifier in your workspace? That's about the only solution I can think of short of waiting for a cold front to blow through.

  2. If anybody says anything, just say "I was experimenting with a special highlighting technique." ;)

    1. Heh. You should see how special the gladiators look. Like it snowed in Rome . . . and the metal went all off-color and grainy.


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