Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Minis Show & Tell 2014: I Want to See the Dragon

A year back, I did some minis show-and-tell with my students.

This year, I'm teaching that camp again, and the repeat students asked me to bring in my figures again.

I did that yesterday, bringing the best of last year plus some new ones (pictures, possibly, to follow).

One thing I didn't bring to the camp was a dragon.

The only dragon minis I have are pre-painted cheap-o plastics, and a partly-assembled dragon and a partly-painted metal dragon.

Yet one kid immediately complained I didn't bring him - nevermind I have no easy way to transport the figures. I really do need to finish them up, just because.

But yes, even kids who don't know D&D or GURPS know that if you have miniature figures, you must have a dragon.

I have resolved to finish painting my metal dragons for next year's camp.

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