Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ninja kame no yoroi

Here is a new item for ninjas (based on GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 12: Ninja.) Why? Just because.

Kame no Yoroi (亀の鎧)

Made from the shell of a man-sized subterranean turtle, this is a piece of torso armor. It consists of a turtle-shell back and a turtle-belly front place. It gives DR 4 from the front arc, DR 8 from the back and side arcs. Anyone can wear the kame no yoroi, but ninja get additional benefits:

Ninja Talent 1+: Wearer gains either Acrobatics @ DX or Acrobatics +2, whichever is higher. Also gives +2 to Jumping skill.
Ninja Talent 3+: Wearer gains a +1 to one of the following skills - Broadsword, Flail, Jitte/Sai, or Staff. Which skill is specific to a specific suit of kame no yori.
Ninja Talent 5+: Wearer gains Rapier Wit.

The kame no yoroi is sometimes enchanted with Fortify, Deflect, and/or Lighten.

Cost: $75,000
Weight: 10 lbs.


  1. You are a sick, sick person, my friend. :-)

  2. This is brilliant. Do the wearer also get Restricted Diet (Pizza)?

    1. I think they might, depending on if they are early-design or late-design kame no yoroi. Early design, you have to fight gun-armed triceratons. Late design, more pizza.


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